Exploring meaning on the edge

This is a new chapter of my work. Actually, it's not so new. When I was 17 my good friend Vlatka gave me a copy of Hermann Hesse's Siddartha with a note: "To help you in the search for meaning, or whatever it is we are looking for".  


All do has been imbued with a search for meaning. 

I stumbled upon burnout because I wanted my work to be meaningful.

I stumbled upon posttraumatic growth because I wanted to find meaning in my suffering and support others on a similar quest. 

Giving meaning to whatever life puts on my plate is what gives me the strength to pick myself up and transform challenging and traumatic experiences. We all have ours. I'm done with the belligerent language that invades media and social media when it comes to illness, poverty or undesired occurrences in our lives. I don't see them as battles, but as part of a journey that is my life.

We can succumb to life's unfairness (yes, life is not fair). Or we can transform and find freedom. Burnout and trauma can be a door into a new present, without denying (counter-productive), without forgetting (impossible), simply with living what is.